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Compassion and Care: The Heart of Hospice Volunteers

Compassion and Care: The Heart of Hospice Volunteers

July 17, 2022

Volunteers were at the heart of the hospice movement from the start and continue to play a crucial role today. The work of our volunteers is key to helping us change patients’ lives for the better. Navigating the post-acute care journey is a lot easier when you have a supportive team at your side. Charter volunteers provide companionship, emotional support and practical assistance to help ensure the most meaningful patient and family experience possible.

Volunteering is personal

Volunteering also has significant benefit for volunteers – personal growth, the satisfaction of making a real difference in the lives of others and gaining a greater appreciation of what’s really important in life.

There are plenty of ways to volunteer to suit each person’s unique strengths and talents. Many volunteers spend time talking with and listening to patients, reading aloud to them or helping them do things they enjoy.

Knowing someone is there for their loved one also provides reassurance and relief to family caregivers.

Volunteers may support patients and families by running errands, shopping or cooking. Some help care teams with administrative tasks, like sending cards and letters.

Those with artistic talents may play instruments, sing or create craft projects to comfort and support patients and families. And for those who feel called to serve and help others, volunteering provides rich, hands-on experience with diverse patients.

At Charter, our volunteers receive free training to prepare them for their work with patients and to ensure a successful, fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

Who Can Volunteer:

· Students (18 years and older)

· Retirees

· Musicians

· Artists

· Aspiring medical professionals

· Compassionate people

Read on to see what some of our outstanding volunteers have said about their experience at Charter:

“Volunteering takes time, patience, effort and heart, but it’s so important because it provides great comfort to patients. I was interested in hospice because I have always loved people and hearing what they have to say, and I find my patients so enjoyable to talk to.” – Breanna

“I was interested in volunteering for Charter because of their mission. When I got to see the bonds one could create as a volunteer, I was instantly hooked. I think volunteers are important because they bring joy and a sense of radiance, creating welcoming and home-like environments. The experience and memories you gain are unmatched.” – Luna

“Volunteers can bring smiles to patients’ faces through genuine interaction, unhurried conversations and relaxed visits. It is also an immense encouragement to the rest of the Charter staff to see loving community members joining in to offer patients all the support they need during this phase of life. Too often we wait for the right time to volunteer, but really, it’s always the right time to volunteer. Even if there are only a few hours available per month, volunteering is so rewarding and satisfying that those few hours will bring back many positive outcomes and experiences. Volunteers grow personally when they reach out to others so selflessly, and often they will find that the patients help them, too.” – Norah

We’re always looking for committed, compassionate people who believe in our mission and vision and share our core values. To learn more about volunteering with Charter, click here or email