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Is it Time For Hospice?

Is it Time For Hospice?

March 01, 2022

5 signs hospice care might be beneficial

1. Symptom management becomes more difficult.

As an illness progresses, associated symptoms may worsen. Symptoms that may have been manageable before can intensify or require more aggressive medical treatment.

2. Trips to the emergency room become more frequent.

As overall health declines, hospitalizations may increase due to falls, infections or other reasons. If trips to the ER are becoming more frequent and impacting quality of life, hospice may be a good option to ease symptoms.

3. A reduction in appetite or increased weight loss occurs.

A lack of interest in eating can occur when the body begins to shut down. Often this is a physical sign that the end of life is near and a patient may benefit from focusing on improving quality of life for the time that is left.

4. It becomes more difficult to perform daily tasks.

As health declines it can become burdensome to complete daily tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, eating or going to the bathroom. Hospice care can help ease pain and symptoms that lead to decreased daily function so your loved one can focus on the best quality of life possible.

5. Mental and emotional confusion increases.

If your loved one seems more agitated, confused or is more confrontational than usual, they may be feeling disoriented with the world around them. They may be experiencing delusions or hallucinations, or they may not have been consistently taking their medications. If a loved one is withdrawing from things that interest them, they may benefit from the support of hospice care to help them focus on quality of life.

Deciding the time is right

Ultimately, the decision to choose hospice is up to the patient and their loved ones. Hospice care is designed to help patients maximize their remaining time and improve quality of life. Many people mistakenly associate hospice with giving up and therefore explore the option too late in the patient’s care journey to fully experience the help it provides. Often patients who choose hospice earlier are better able to enjoy its benefits and spend time doing the things that matter most to them, such as visiting with family and friends.

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