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Complex Care Management: A Win for Patients and Providers

Complex Care Management: A Win for Patients and Providers

March 16, 2022

In a 2020 study published by the American Journal for Managed Care, researchers found that Complex Care Management programs can reduce hospital admissions by more than 21% and reduce medical expenses by about 22%.

These findings reaffirm something Charter Healthcare demonstrates every day: that it’s possible to improve quality outcomes while reducing post-acute care costs and creating better experiences for patients and families.

That’s why our Complex Care Management program (CCM) is so important to our care teams as they work to bridge gaps and personalize care plans for those we serve.

What Complex Care Management Can Do For You

Simply put, CCM is improved care coordination that helps patients with serious medical needs (who are susceptible to more frequent hospitalizations) avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Following discharge from an acute care setting, we work with patients and their providers to coordinate transitional care and assist with advance care planning.

CCM supports you in building goals for your health, preparing for upcoming doctor appointments, providing answers and education about your condition and symptoms, and making sure you’re safe and stable at home.

Charter’s Complex Care Management Services Include:

· Hospital Admission Reduction Program

o Advance Care Planning

o Transitional Care Management, including a consultation with a specialist either in the inpatient setting or your home to explain the benefits of the program

· In-home visits from nurses and providers

· Medication reconciliation

· 24/7 access to care through in-house triage team

· Coordination with specialists

· Support addressing social determinants of care, such as access to financial assistance, nutritious food, transportation or housing.

Our Complex Care Management program means healthier patients and more affordable care. We have a proven track record of improving the quality of care you receive, significantly reducing hospital readmission rates and saving millions of dollars in health costs. Learn more about the Charter difference and how we’re here around the clock to help.