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Hospice Chaplains: Caring for Spiritual Health header

Hospice Chaplains: Caring for Spiritual Health header

September 29, 2021

For families and patients navigating hospice, a plan of care that considers every aspect of well-being — including spiritual health — can make all the difference.

Hospice is more than a single service or location — it’s a philosophy of care. It’s a well-rounded approach that includes an array of services tailored to your needs as you come to terms with a life-limiting disease. Spiritual health has a large role in this specialized care.

At Charter Healthcare, we recognize hospice chaplains as integral members of our interdisciplinary care teams, alongside doctors, nurses, home health aides and social workers, volunteers, etc.

Hospice chaplains serve as reliable guides on the journey through hospice, whatever your belief system. They offer spiritual sensitivity to people of all faiths and religious affiliations, and recognize that every patient’s story is unique.

This support can look like many things, from assistance with emotional coping to focused discussions about important life issues or concerns. Hospice chaplains listen, articulate and help facilitate conversations that may be difficult to have with loved ones, or even yourself.

Finding comfort and meaning is crucial to the hospice experience, and chaplains are trained to help you discover the way forward with compassion and grace. Through individualized assessments, they can offer insight on opportunities for spiritual growth, provide direct support through meditation, prayer or rituals, and serve as an advocate throughout your journey.

Hospice chaplains not only communicate with hospice patients but often act as intermediaries between the care team and the patient’s loved ones. They offer the same dynamic listening and assessments to hospice families and staff, ensuring those around patients are better equipped and prepared to provide supportive presence to patients.

No two hospice journeys are exactly alike, though there are some truths that tend to be universal as you navigate post-acute care. Among them: when it comes to improving the quality of life for those with life-limiting diseases, spiritual and emotional health play critical roles.

Hospice chaplains serve as a vital link to finding peace and comfort to anyone on this path. Learn more about how they can help you by calling 909-644-4965.

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