Charter Healthcare of Houston

The leading home health and hospice care provider in Houston


Delivering the highest quality healthcare in the Houston area.

Compassionate and Experienced Healthcare

Charter Healthcare of Houston is dedicated to providing you or your loved ones with the best healthcare available. Our caring and compassionate staff have years of experience in providing services that allow our patients to live their best lives every day. We treat each of our clients with the respect and compassion they deserve while administering expert care services in a professional manner at all times. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Quality Healthcare Services

Charter Healthcare of Houston is a premier provider of a variety of healthcare services including skilled home health, hospice care, and palliative care. Our staff is adept in utilizing proven and modern techniques to best allow our clients to fully live their best lives. If you are searching for the perfect healthcare provider, look no further and contact us today.

Charter Healthcare of Houston

Our Commitment

We're committed to instilling compassion and sensitivity in our teams for our patients, families, and peers. We believe in the power of genuinely being there for those that depend on us and our services. Our commitment to our clients and their wellbeing is what separates us from our competitors as we continue to enhance the lives of our clients every day.

Our Values

At Charter Healthcare, we instill our values into each and every one of our caregivers. We believe in integrity, respect, compassion, and service to others. We hold ourselves accountable to ethical standards that are beyond reproach. We believe our clients and employees are to be treated with dignity and courtesy at all times as we create a warm and caring environment.

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Hours of Operation

  • M: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Our Services

Private Duty Home Care

Private duty home care offers in-home support for day-to-day activities.

Private Duty →
Skilled Home Health

We can deliver a range of services conveniently and privately at home.

Home Health →
Palliative Care

Our Palliative team can help you / your loved ones cope with serious illnesses.

Palliative Care →
Complex Care Management

C.C.M. is our comprehensive plan to keep patients out of the hospital.


Hospice is a special way of caring for people who have a life limiting illness.

Hospice →
Acute / Hospital-Based Care

We offer Acute/Hospital-based care in times of emergency.

Acute Care →
We're making a real impact.

We use data to monitor the impact we have on our patients' lives and inform our decisions to ensure the best outcome for our patients and partners.

We're going above and beyond.

Feedback from our patients and their loved ones not only motivates us to keep working hard, but it also speaks volumes about our successes. See what others have to say about Charter!

Catherine Peterson

"The team we had at the house was the best ever. We looked forward to their visits as they were so caring and treated my mother like a queen. They were especially helpful to me as her caregiver."

Willeta Calloway

"Don’t know what I would have done without Cambridge/Charter Hospice. The service and support was amazing. Thank you so much."

Harland Would

"I am so grateful for Charter Healthcare. From the very beginning, through all the tough times, you were always available, kind and caring, then at my wife's passing, help for me was immediate, then continued contact. Blessings on you all!"

Clarence Parson

"I appreciate the support I have received from Charter. You have been a blessing to me and my family. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Much love to all of you."

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