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Testimonial: How we come together to provide hospice care in your time of need

Testimonial: How we come together to provide hospice care in your time of need

April 06, 2022

Hospice care focuses on supporting all aspects of a persons’ needs, including medical care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support and more. The goal of hospice is to reduce suffering and improve quality of life, incorporating each individual’s wishes into their plan of care.

Because hospice encompasses many aspects of care, it is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of specialists trained to provide support in several areas. A hospice physician works closely with the primary care provider to monitor patients’ conditions, prescribe medication and therapies, and coordinate care with other hospice team members. Members of the hospice team can include:

. Nurses

· Nursing assistants

· Hospice aides

· Social Workers

· Chaplains

· Bereavement counselors

· Volunteers

· Therapists

· Other specialists, depending on patient needs

Family Testimonial: The Charter hospice team in action

Our team recently had the honor of caring for a hospice patient in Texas. After the patient’s passing, their family sent a sweet thank you note to the care team, acknowledging each member’s important role in keeping their mother comfortable at the end of life.

From the Bailey family:

With regard to the care provided for our mother, we could not be more pleased and satisfied by our Charter team.

Our team leader assured us from the beginning that our mother would not have to suffer. Thankfully, her promise was kept. Joni was always accessible for our calls and promptly answered all questions we had. She put us at ease and lined up a wonderful care team.

Olalekan made an initial nursing visit late one Sunday night. His presence was calming and his quiet strength was so very welcome. He made a final visit the evening of our mother’s passing. It was a full circle feeling — him coming to wrap up what was a long and trying week.

Tiffany was every bit the excellent nurse that Joni had described. She calmed us, informed us, as well as counseled and consoled us three sisters during the course of the week. We appreciated her candor and support. She saw us through our mother’s final day. We owe her a major debt of gratitude.

Last, but not at all least, is our dear Mercedes, our beautiful and gentle hospice aide. She arrived with a quiet grace and soothed our mother, and us as well. She was always on time and willing to tenderly and expertly take care of all that was required. On her final visit, Mercedes gently bathed and prepared our mother to “meet her Maker.” Within an hour of Mercedes leaving, our beautiful mother serenely slipped away. Mercedes was a key part of our “dream team.”

We are ever grateful to all of these integral players — they will never be forgotten.

We are honored to support hospice patients and their families, helping them achieve their goals at the end of life. Learn more about hospice care at Charter Healthcare.