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Hospice is a special way of caring for people who have a life limiting illness.  

Charter Hospice is committed to delivering the latest and most innovative approaches in pain and symptom management. Our focus is on improving a patient’s quality of life by creating a more comfortable environment for them and their loved ones. The hospice program allows us to provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual support that you and your family need during this time.

Our interdisciplinary team works directly with your physician and our hospice medical director to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide the most meaningful and comfortable experience to our patients and their families during the end of life journey.”

What We Offer

Charter Hospice allows you to have a personalized plan of care that is carefully

designed to meet your health needs. We provide an array of services to help make

things easier for you and your loved ones.

  • Nursing Services- our experienced nurses are there to help and guide you in making the most out of your plan of care. They offer medication management, symptom control, wound care, and health education, among many other tasks, 

  • Social Services- our social workers are compassionate and ready to listen when needed. From emotional support to financial planning, they have you covered.

  • Home Health Aide - Personal care services, designed to enhance level of comfort and provide support to patient and caregivers. 

  • Spiritual Support – spiritual and emotional support always available in a time of distress and help bring some peace of mind.

  • Medications- hospice provides medications related to your comfort and diagnosis. Prescriptions are prescribed by a physician and delivered directly to you.

  • Medical Supplies- hospice provides all medical supplies that may be needed for your care.

  • Medical Equipment- medical equipment needed to enhance your care will be delivered and set up for your convenience.

  • Bereavement Services – losing a loved one is never easy, but our dedicated team of bereavement counselors is always there to meet you with a kind and loving word and assist you in your grieving process.

  • Therapy - Physical, Occupational and Speech

  • 24-Hour Health Line- no matter what time of the day or night we are there for you, just one call away.

Your Hospice Team

Medical director

Oversees and leads the team in developing a specialized plan of care. Consults with your primary physician regarding your needs to ensure continuity of care 

Levels of Care

Routine Home Care

Delivered primarily where the patient resides and provided by a team of hospice professionals. Care may involve skilled nursing care, certified home health aides, emotional and spiritual care, social services and/or volunteer services.

Respite Care

Provided in order to relieve the individuals caring for the patient from caregiving duties. Respite care is available for up to five days at a time in a skilled nursing facility. Hospice will cover the cost of the facility while under respite care.

 General Inpatient Care

Provided to patients with an acute onset of symptoms that cannot be managed on a routine level of care. Patients on general inpatient will be transferred to a contracted skilled nursing facility in order to have twenty-four hour nursing supervision. 

Continuous Care

Provided where the patient resides and is designed to maintain an individual at home during a medical crisis.

Hospice Eligibility

Hospice care is a special benefit fully covered under Medicare, Medi-Cal, and many private health insurances.  Eligibility for hospice depends on your physician's order for hospice services and the following:

  • Your doctor and the hospice medical director certify that you have a terminal condition and meet specific medical criteria for hospice care.

  • You opt for comfort care under hospice rather than pursuing aggressive procedures.

  • You receive care from a Medicare approved hospice program.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is hospice a place?

No. Hospice is a service that is provided in multiple settings: homes, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.


How long can I be on hospice?

There is no designated amount of time that you can remain on hospice. Our patient’s medical condition is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure requirements for hospice are still met.

Does choosing hospice shorten my life expectancy?

Hospice neither hastens nor delays death. It just ensures that you or your loved one is comfortable, pain free, and gets the individualized attention needed.

Who makes the decision about hospice?

The decision is ultimately up to the patient or designated decision maker. Your family physician is a good resource for information regarding your specific needs and hospice appropriateness.

When is hospice staff available?

Hospice staff is on call 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. We are always here when you need us.

Kind words

"You helped us so much, and you are so kind, for this we are thankful and grateful to you"

— Negrete Family

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